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Couch Potatoes

It's easy.  It's comfort.  It's ready.

Kung Pao Chicken | peanuts.  Med heat.

Snapper Veracruzana | tomatoes + green olives + capers + jalapeno

Beef & Shells |  ground beef + creamy cheddar sauce

Corn with Yellow Squash

Sweet Potatoes | mashed; butter and light garlic

White Rice/Brown Rice

Peas & Carrots

Zucchini | steamed; dill vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

Brussels Sprouts | shaved, with lemon vinaigrette + parmesan

(FF) ~ Dish is or can be modified for the FODMAP diet. Please select FODMAP option in the Notes section.  Many recipes can be modified for FODMAP.  At a minimum, onion and garlic will be replaced with asafetida-especially in those dishes using garlic or onion in the name.  Dairy substitutes will be used and gluten omitted.  If you have any questions about the ingredients, please ask and we can work together to ensure the right items are used.

(NC) ~ Less than 25 net carbs per serving, per Mastercook recipe software

Menu for June 16, 2021