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Couch Potatoes

It's easy.  It's comfort.  It's ready.

Picatta (FF) | light breaded protein and gently sauced with a caper-lemon reduction

  • Chicken
  • Tilapia

Meatloaf (FF) | Beef and pork mix with a bacon and tomato glaze

Cottage Pie (FF) | Seasoned beef with vegetables, topped with garlic mashed potatoes.  Garlic omitted for FODMAP.

Herb Roasted Chicken (FF) | half chicken; breast + leg-thigh


  • Red (FF) | Beef or Turkey, red beans, tomatoes, red chilies.  FODMAP omits beans.
  • White (FF) Turkey, white beans, and green chilies.  FODMAP omits beans.
  • Add Fritos to any chili

Mac & Cheese (FF) (Entrée or side size) | entrée adds diced ham or Italian Sausage


  • Choose sauce.  FODMAP versions available.
    • Beef Bolognese
    • Puttanesca with Italian Sausage
  • Choose noodle.  FODMAP versions available
    • Spaghetti
    • Penne

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Roasted Cauliflower
| Cheesy or Buffalo
Southern Green Beans (FF) | slow cooked with bacon
Corn Risotto (FF) | with corn and white rice
Seasoned Summer Squash (FF) | simply seasoned and steamed
Lemon Roasted! (FF) | potatoes or zucchini

Mashed Sweet Potatoes (FF)
Carrots (FF)
| with peas or edamame
Caesar Salad (FF)
Potato Salad (FF)
|smoky bacon, pickle, egg, celery

(FF) ~ Dish is or can be modified for the FODMAP diet. Please select FODMAP option in the Notes section.  Many recipes can be modified for FODMAP.  At a minimum, onion and garlic will be replaced with asafetida-especially in those dishes using garlic or onion in the name.  Dairy substitutes will be used and gluten omitted.  If you have any questions about the ingredients, please ask and we can work together to ensure the right items are used.
(GG/BR) ~ Prep for the grill or broiler
(SC) ~ Can be prepped for slow cooker-just ask!
(LS) ~ Contains less than 135mg sodium per serving
(RS) ~ Reduced sodium; less than 500mg per serving
(PtY) ~ Available as a patty

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