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Couch Potatoes

It's easy.  It's comfort.  It's ready.

Week of January 27th

(FF) ~ Dish is or can be modified for the FODMAP diet. Please select FODMAP option in the Notes section.  Many recipes can be modified for FODMAP.  At a minimum, onion and garlic will be replaced with asafetida-especially in those dishes using garlic or onion in the name.  Dairy substitutes will be used and gluten omitted.  If you have any questions about the ingredients, please ask and we can work together to ensure the right items are used.
(GG/BR) ~ Prep for the grill or broiler
(SC) ~ Can be prepped for slow cooker-just ask!
(LS) ~ Contains less than 135mg sodium per serving
(RS) ~ Reduced sodium;  less than 500 mg sodium per serving
(PtY) ~ Available as a patty

Beef or Turkey Bolognese (FF/LS) | Quick Bolognese with a bit of summer veg and beef or turkey.

  • Noodles (FF/LS) | Gotta have noodles with the Bolognese!  Choose spaghetti squash noodles, flour spaghetti, or brown rice (GF)
  • Kale (FF/LS) | Lightly sautéed with garlic and a splash of balsamic vinegar

Pork Tenderloin| Mushroom Gravy (FF/LS)

  • Carrot Salad (FF/LS) | You know.  The one with raisins and pineapple.
  • Herbed Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts (FF/LS)

Georgian Chicken (FF/LS) | simmered with pomegranates and tamarind sauce

  • Mushroom Risotto or Polenta (FF/LS)
  • Tomato & Cucumber Salad with Walnuts (FF/LS)

Skillet Garlic Chicken or Shrimp with Spinach (FF/LS)

  • Roasted Zucchini & Tomatoes (FF/LS)
  • Lemon Potatoes (FF/LS)

Imam Biyildi (FF/LS) | Iconic Turkish eggplant with feta, tomatoes, and olives

  • Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts Gratin (FF/RS)
  • Sweet Potato Kugel (FF/LS) | Sweet potato casserole with onions and matzah.  FODMAP replaces matzah with GF crumb.

Additional Side

  • Sautéed Zucchini & Peas (FF/LS) | FODMAP uses snap peas.