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Couch Potatoes

It's easy.  It's comfort.

It's ready.



Beef Tri-Tip
Santa Maria style-classically rubbed and smoked over red oak and direct heat

Turkey Breast
lightly brined and gently hickory smoked


Pinquinto Beans
light beans simmered in a flavorful herb and chile broth, the Santa Maria traditional choice

German Potato Salad
warm from the kitchen with a bacon-red wine vinaigrette

Green Chile Hominy
yellow hominy prepared with green chilies, tomatillos and red bell pepper

Frijoles Arracharro
bold pinto beans stewed with bacon, ranch-style spices, and tomatoes

Jalapeno-Pineapple Coleslaw
sounds hot, but it’s not!  One of the best Slaw’s you’ll ever have!

Garden Salad
refreshing mix of greens and garnish, served with a home made dressing

Mac & Cheese
shells swimming in an original, tangy cheese sauce

Pasta Salad           
elbow salad garnished with salami, cheese, olives, and a bit of cherry peppers

If you really want to go old school-and you have a safe place for me to set up-I can even prepare parts of your meal in a Dutch oven, just as it would have been prepared on the trail or pioneer home.

Beef Brisket
Texas-style-dry rubbed and mesquite smoked for 15 hours

Carolina Pulled Pork
Carolina pit style-cooked over low, direct heat and mopped with a mouth watering mustard BBQ sauce

Texas Smoked Brisket

Santa-Maria Pit

In choosing the perfect items for your party, Couch Potatoes offers these classic American styles and side dishes.  You’ll also want appetizers-please look at the Dinner Party Menu for these ideas, as well as other items you might enjoy.

Carolina Pit

BBQ may well be America’s first national cuisine.  Every region has its own style. And every region is the best-just ask someone from there!  In some joints, the sauce is part of the experience.  In other joints, ask for sauce and they’ll ask you leave.  Meat might be cooked low and slow over indirect heat for almost a day.  Other styles cook the meat just inches from the coals.